Have Your Google Rankings Declined Rapidly?

If the answer’s yes, then you might have been hit by a Google penalty.

But why would I be penalised?

Because Google continues to modify how websites should be ranked – and these changes reward websites with lots of fresh, relevant and original content while penalising sites that have strayed too far from their guidelines.

So in Google’s eyes, what are the worst things you could have done?

  • Participating in link schemes.
  • Acquiring lots of inbound links with the same anchor text
  • Receiving links from irrelevant, low quality directories
  • Having very little content
  • Copying content from another website

If your site meets any of the above criteria, you could face a penalty…

So what can Influential Marketing can do to fix it?

Here at Add People we specialise in achieving high Google ranks – and we’ve been getting great results for more than ten years.

What’s more, we have a 100% success rate in getting customers who have been penalised back in the search engine results.

So let’s fix your site and get you the position you deserve. Just fill in the form below and receive a full appraisal of what’s needed to get your website back on track.




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