Google Has Changed. So Has SEO. So Have We…

Think about it – Do you know exactly where you are going when you search for something online?

There were more than 2 billion searches made on the internet in the UK last month, and more than 90% of them were made on Google.

That’s precisely why an effective Search Engine Optimisation service can provide huge growth potential for your business by getting your brand in front of potential customers looking for your products and services.

Effective SEO used to be about inbound links being a simple vote in your favour, but times have changed. Today Google’s algorithm is far more complex and places higher emphasis on producing great, relevant content, sharing it on social media, getting your code right and earning relevant links naturally to build your sites authority.

Our SEO Starter Package provides a perfect introductory level service for your business to test the power of SEO for yourself.

We optimise your sites H1, meta tags and descriptions, create great content and earn you inbound links from trusted sources. Plus you get a Free site review conducted by an digital marketing expert to help take your business to the next level.

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