Keep Your Products Just 1 Click Away!

Want to convert more customers through your online shop? Then here’s something you need to know…

Google Shopping is a powerful online platform that helps you reach more customers.

It’s a place for online shoppers who know what they want, but want to make sure they buy it for the right price from the right place.

Why do you need it…?

Because people love convenience! And they love to search, find, compare and buy in just a few clicks.

So let’s get you started on Google Shopping. Let’s get your products seen on searches, increase their visibility and generate sales.

At Influential we’ll help you write and organise detailed product feeds that advertise your products in a unique and marketable way.

We’ll set up your Google Merchant Center so you can upload your product feeds and make them easy for customers to find on Google. And we’ll create a Google AdWords account to drive traffic to your product feed and get your name, your products and your services heard.

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